Answer to Professor Huhn


Dear SHNV Friends,

Professor Huhn wrote in behalf of his support of the Lexington City Council’s ban on the continuing use of city property/poles to fly our Confederate flags honouring General Robert E. Lee and General "Stonewall" Jackson during our Lee-Jackson Commonwealth of Virginia State holiday. Below is my response posted on the Akron Law Cafe Blog.


Professor Will Huhn:

Your points are what many of us have come to expect from the great number of egalitarian social engineers that now staff so many of America’s universities.

This city of Virginia now joins the ranks of those who suppress the rights of a conquered and subjugated Confederate Virginia. Such suppression is common in many parts of Europe of their various minorities leaving many segments of Europe angry and believing that freedom and liberty is for other people but not for them. To us this is just another face of the continuing tyranny over the Southern States.

True freedom is often sloppy and most always readily recognized by its level of what it tolerates. Virginia is clearly becoming less diverse, less tolerant and less multicultural.  People like the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Military Order of the Stars and Bars and the United Daughters of the Confederacy have become much less tolerated than we were in the past. Our continued and enhanced subjugation causes us pain and anger. The USA thought it could subjugate the CSA with overwhelming military force, and it did. Our ancestor’s surrendered their swords, but not the principles that so distinguish the Founder’s of the USA and the writer’s of our original constitution.  The Founder’s American view is extinguished in government of the USA today, but those principles are still held and cherished by many of us who are proud our families resisted U.S. tyranny during the 1860’s by fighting in the behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

These actions by the Lexington City Council and the support of Big Brother Marxist academic’s like yourself simply confirm that we are a subjugated people without a country that tolerates us and without a country of our own. Our flags of the Confederacy represent not just the past, but also they represent many of us. We see nothing but hatred from people like you who support the denial of our rights. We will not go quietly into the night. The flags you and the City Council of Lexington, Virginia censure do not just represent the past. They represent many of the finest sons and daughters of Virginia today.

Timothy D. Manning
Professor Emeritus of Religion and Ethics

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