Another Victim of  Looters
The General Humphrey noted below was a nephew of abolitionist James Birney, and served as a colonel of the First Kentucky cavalry in the Mexican War; was a US Congressman, US Minister to China, and endeavored to have Kentucky remain neutral in the sectional controversy of 1860-1861. Nonetheless, he fought for independence against the revolutionary Jacobins and paid the price.
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Another Victim of Looters:
Diary entry, June 29, (1863):
"General Humphrey Marshall, with whom I had a long conversation tonight, told me that the Yankees stole his library (which he estimated to be worth $12,000) and sold it at auction in Cincinnati, sending him a copy of the notice of sale; also that they arrested one of his sons on his riding horse at the village of Warsaw and whipped the horse to death in the street, because it was his!
(Inside the Confederate Government, The Diary of Robert Garlick Hill Kean, LSU Press, 1993, page 77)