Principal Michelle Rutherford’s expressed concern over the safety of the students in Sanford Middle School is commendable. However, if at her school there are those that she fears will attack other students over what they are wearing, there is definitely a problem that she is not addressing. Perhaps, she should consider sending those students to a sensitivity class. She should also remind the students under her charge that there is no constitutionally guarantied right not to be offended, but there is a guaranty regarding freedom of speech and expression.

My feeling is that Principal Rutherford’s unexpressed goal is simply the suppression of the Confederate flag, and nothing more.

Over the last several years I have seen, either on television or in person: Haitians rioting while displaying the flag of Haiti, in Florida and New York, Mexicans demonstrating and rioting while displaying the flag of Mexico, in California, pro-Palestinian demonstrators waving Palestinian flags, and pro-Israeli demonstrators waving Israeli flags, in America. Not to mention the numerous "Gay" flags, Black liberation flags, and Puerto Rican flags that bedeck various parts of our cities. I would venture a guess that if someone had approached anyone in authority and expressed feelings of being offended by such displays, it would be the one complaining that would be punished by being forced to attend mandatory "diversity" or "sensitivity" training. The offending flags would not be suppressed.

I have also read that the Boston Housing Authority has banned the display of shamrocks, because they are taken as a symbol of pride of ones Irish roots. After the September 11th terrorist attacks there were countless expressions of high anxiety and attempts to suppress the flying of American flags out of fear that they may "offend" those who aren’t Americans, in America. Countless attempts to remove the Ten Commandments or other Christian symbols from public view. Then there is the never ending attacks against the Confederate flag. This tells me and anyone who pays attention, that in present day America the only symbols that can be freely attacked and suppressed are those that the majority of people either take great pride in, or those with which the majority have no problem.

These continuing efforts to banish the Confederate flag are nothing more than veiled and sometimes not so veiled attempts to de-Americanize America. After all, the Confederate flag was born right here in America, and is, therefore, an American flag. It is also a part of the great history of this country. There lays much of the problem. Over the last several decades America’s past has been totally rewritten and vilified. The only acceptable portion of the past begins in the mid to late 1960’s, all else must be either forgotten altogether or reinterpreted so as to be more "inclusive," "sensitive," and "diverse."

These attacks should be considered the Southern Front in the war on America being waged by cultural Marxists that harbor a hatred for America unmatched by even Al-Qeada and Osama bin Ladin.

Greg Hanson
Apple Valley MN