Sighing… Oh Chuck…
Another day of life's highs and lows!
After returning home from a wonderfully exhausting day spent with our resident Veterans at the VA Hospital in Asheville (another UDC sister and I along with other volunteers were honored to serve them and their sweethearts with a Valentine's Banquet… it was awesome!  Cupid, Music & All!), I received your email updates filled with highs and heart-wrenching lows.
Poor Mr. Dobson down in Macon!  He sounds worn-out from battle!  But we must not forget that, at it's very core, our struggle for Truth is truly spiritual warfare.  As this country is dragged further and further down the socialist path, individuals are lulled more and more into complacency and dependency on centralized government to be their 'god'… at which point, Marx's plan set forth in 1848, will have completed his goal here in our land… "Welcome to the Hotel California!"  Indeed, why have we need of a Savior, when the government takes care of our individual needs, and individual responsibilities!
I would just like to put an arm around Mr. Dobson's shoulder and thank him for his efforts over the last 40+ years in reminding people of our story – His-story- our history.  Just as we Christians are called to share The Truth of God's Word, once shared, the hearer becomes responsible for accepting or rejecting it.  Because the leftist newspaper in Macon, GA, is now repressing the truth of our struggles begun in 1861, doesn't mean that his past letters did not succeed in reaching individual hearts & minds.  Individuals are the ones that count.
Well done to Mr. Dobson, that dear brother!  Praying peace upon him that passes all understanding!