…Memphis Commercial Appeal, May 8,

It is monumentally frustrating to see such uneducated comments as Rev. Nelson B. Rivers III made:

"…calls it a ‘myth’ to suggest the war wasn’t about slavery, though. To Rivers, honoring prominent Confederate figures is unthinkable…’These were not patriots, they were traitors,” Rivers said. ‘They tried to overthrow the government of the United States. They were this country’s original terrorists.’"

Rev. Rivers obviously knows little or nothing of history yet is somehow presented as though his emotions have the same relevancy as historical fact.

The war was fought primarily over economics and the funding of the federal government by the Southern states through tariffs which were then expended almost wholly to support Northern industrialization. States rights was a Constitutional issue also involved and slavery was an emotional catalyst – an institution breathing its last.

The Confederate States never tried to overthrow the Federal government but separated to form their own country because they felt they could not continue within a Union which was ignoring Constitutional issues. With organized armies in the field conducting war as practiced in the 19th Century they were in no stretch of the imagination "terrorists." Rev. Rivers III shows he does not know what a "terrorist" is by throwing the term around so casually.

Rev. Rivers III either does not know history or is a willing and facile liar.

Michael Kelley
Pascagoula, MS