I’ll tell you something else about Andersonville. The vile treatment of the prisoners was done to one another. It was not done by the guards. In fact, a group of thugs was rampant there; the leader called himself “Mosby” because when he was captured by Mosby’s men, he tried to “join” the 43rd believing that Mosby was a renegade like himself. Mosby sent him on to Richmond; he was sent from there to Andersonville. He found a few like himself and then a few more and they became a plague, stealing from and killing their fellow prisoners. Finally, the Yankees had had enough and they rose up and captured the group. The Confederates gave permission and they were tried and hanged in the camp. It was all done by the Yankees; the guards had nothing to do with it.
Unlike most of the Confederate prisoners, in Andersonville at least, the Yankees were there own worst enemy.