And So It Begins…Again
Greetings on this glorious anniversary and benchmark in the annals of the free world.  150 years ago, our ancestors fired on Fort Sumpter rather than submit to tyranny.  On 20 Dec 1860, South Carolina adopted an ordinance of secession severing itself from the Union and demanded that the Federal troops on its sovereign soil hand over all property belonging to the state and leave the state’s soil.  Similar Southern states followed.  Rather than removing Federal troops, President Lincoln reinforced them ensuring war.  President Lincoln knew that it was an act of war itself to occupy foreign lands, but, just like radical liberals today, demagoguery intends to deceive as to true intentions.  However, it does not matter whether the North agreed to allow the South to sever ties with the Union, what is important is that free people abide by the republican principles that governments receive their powers from the consent of the governed.  The Southern states executed a course of action universally recognized following the ratification of the Constitution and threatened by many Northern states prior to the Confederate War for Independence.  The fact that the elected representatives voted to secede and the people ratified those decisions ensured that their natural rights were exercised.  The Constitution does not limit states nor people, but the Federal government alone.  The Constitution enumerates powers for the Federal government and therefore restricts it.  If the people elect en masse to divest itself from a tyrannical government, like they did in 1775, then any people who seek to subjugate them against their will seeks to enslave them unjustly.  The right of the people to secede is a natural right of the people and the power of a sovereign state.  If not so, then a case can be (and might possibly be made within the next 50 years) that the US has no right to divest itself from the UN. 
Regardless, the refusal of Lincoln to remove Federal troops from South Carolina soil, South Carolina’s response after reasonable efforts to remove those troops, and Lincolns call for 75,000 volunteers to invade sovereign states led Virginia to secede 5 days later.  Until that time, Virginia was dedicated to being neutral, but the inappropriate actions of the president pushed the Virginia citizens to vote in favor of the Cotton States.  Other Southern states followed suit based upon similar reasons, including my home State of Tennessee.  These facts are lost upon the elitist media and the demagogues of the liberals who constantly push an agenda which has no basis in truth.  Their lies fuel a political agenda which has no use for the Southern Confederacy except to incite class warfare and be used as a tool for their power – nothing has changed since 1861, or better yet, 1775.  Yet, the one fact which infuriates them is the fact that we refuse to go away and we are armed with the truth.  Yes, we have our detractors, but the truth is on our side – and we won’t go away.  Why should we?  For once you give in to lies, when do you stop retreating from them?  If we are to be honorable, then we must fight the good fight.  God has a plan – let us be instruments of His greater plan – His will be done!
Our enemies focus on the issue of slavery as the reasons for war, but let us not be swindled into defending an argument based upon our opponent’s choosing, but rather we need to educate people on the unjust actions of the North in invading sovereign states.  No where in Jefferson Davis’ nor Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural addresses is slavery mentioned and we can’t forget about the original 13th Amendment which was ratified by several Northern states protecting the institution of slavery.  We can’t defend the institution of slavery – but why would we?  It is an evil institution, but slavery was not a Southern institution, but rather an American one.  I will not go into any more on slavery as it is too much debated, but there are more than enough resources and arguments to demystify the Yankee myth that Northern soldiers invaded sovereign Southern states to free slaves. 
This weekend, the 3rd Regiment of the Army of Northern Virginia reenactment organization is bivouacking at Montpelier for a reenactment of the 1861 Virginia militia mustering in.  Sunday is the 150th Anniversary of Virginia’s secession.  I hope we use this occasion to remember the enormity of this singular incident in history and dedicate ourselves to the principles of republican government which they were willing to sacrifice their lives for.  The shear loss in human life during this war exemplifies the dedication these men had to their principles.  We must not allow their memory and sacrifices to be made in vain nor their cause be darkened by lies and deceits.  We know the truth; let us be exemplary teachers where ever we go and with everyone who will listen.  And for those whose agendas are based upon the manipulation of our ancestor’s sacrifices, let us perform our duties with the same honorable heroism which they displayed. 
Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Mike Landree
30th Virginia Infantry Reenactment Organization
Proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans