Our ancestors attacked by the media yet again
From: jsn_james@yahoo.com
To all who it may concern,
On Sunday night March 6, 2011, I watched the FOX network’s Animation Domination. At 9:30 that night an episode of the Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show aired. In that episode, the main character Cleveland Brown became a historical preservation activist in his home town in Virginia. The town’s founder was a Confederate soldier. Here’s where it all went wrong. He was also called a "champion of slavery." The town’s mayor was a descendent of the founder and portrayed him in the town’s battle reenactment that once again portrayed our beloved ancestors as "champions of slavery" the main character joined the yankee army and vowed to help the north win the battle this time. This show once again portrayed our loved ones in a negative light and enough is enough. ARE YOU MAD ENOUGH YET?

I think we need to boycott this show and if necessary the FOX network and let them and other networks know we’ve had enough of their anti-southern ignorance. How much longer are we just gonna sit back and let these liberals trash our people, our heritage, our culture, and our ancestors? Please, if you love the South at all I encourage you to help me in this fight and let the mainstream media know we are tired of it and it MUST STOP NOW! If you are Southern it don’t matter if you’re black or white this was a blatant violation of your heritage. If you love your ancestors and heritage like I love mine don’t let this be unheard. If we want to take back our Southern heritage we have to let the rest of the country know we have a voice too. The politically correct people are firing the shots so it’s up to us to fire back now. ARE YOU MAD ENOUGH YET?
Yours in the Cause of today,

Jason James
Member of Chattahoochee Guards camp 1639 Sons of Confederate Veterans in Mableton, Ga