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Analyzing Accentual

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Analyzing Accentual

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Analyzing the accentual
After a stimulating trip through the beautiful NC mountains to last night’s Patriot Network meeting in Asheville, I stayed over with friends who had the Warriors of Honor video. Had not seen it previously. The quality of this production is hard to describe with mere words — it’s overwhelming. I known I’m a rank sinner, but really, *really* felt it after the viewing — a state of misery and reproach I’d like to have all day every day if possible.
I am not criticizing but wondering, for whatever it may be worth: Is there an authentic Southern accent anywhere in it? An otherwise fine cast provides protagonists’ voices (Lee, Jackson and their contemporaries) in readings of the words they left behind, but none sounds authentic, often embarrassingly wrong. The narrator doesn’t try to.
Speaking as a performer myself I guess I’m just think the production would have felt even more "home" to me if it had had this dimension. Not a complaint — a thought out loud. I see the company is based in Kansas. If the explanation is that they only had a budget for local Kansan actors, I can live with it.
Nelson Waller
(Originally drafted in 2010)


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