RE: An unCivil War
Dear "Civil War Junkie",
I find myself entirely in your camp about nearly every issue you addressed, and like you, have not found myself comfortable with the term Civil War.  However, for the most part, I have entirely stopped using the term "Civil War" even though it is largely an accurate term, but for different reasons than most suppose.
I believe that it is an accurate term, because the war resulted from an "Executive/Military Coup" executed illegally and unconstitutionally by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln who quickly and illegally nationalised the State militias. In a sense that makes it a "civil" war, but since so few people commonly understand the context and nature of this "Executive/Military Coup" it is not yet an effective use of the term "Civil War."
When there are political differences between large groups, the party that finds itself in position to verbally "frame the issue" has already won 95% of the public debate. Guilt is pre-assigned (a technique that dominate the current media) in the use of the term and one side is immediately attacked by the term and placed on the defensive. It is like the question, "Well, Sir, when did you stop beating your wife?" Guilt is thusly determined before the debate begins.
The second reason it was a civil war is that Abraham Lincoln, illegally commanding the U.S. military, of course, invaded 1) the 11 official Southern Confederate States who adopted and filed with the U.S. government Ordinances of Secession (12 when you include the section of Virginia that Lincoln made and called "West" Virginia during the war), 2) the Indian territory of Oklahoma whose people democratically adopted and filed a formal Ordinance of Secession with the U.S. (the "Removed" Five Civilised Tribes of the Cherokee, the Seminole, the Choctaw, the Chickasaw, and the Creek) 3) the Western Indian Territories which included a large portion of New Mexico and Arizona who adopted and filed an Ordinance of Secession, 4) the four "border" States that considered themselves "Southern" and would have seceded and joined the Confederacy had they been permitted by Lincoln, and 5) the U.S. military made war against the seven northern Democrat States beginning in July of 1863 (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan as recently rediscovered in the archival records of these States, an important historical episode that remains unexamined by the court historians).
This is also why I have stopped using the term "The Union" when referring to the military forces under the command of Lincoln. The Confederate States of America were invaded, not be some abstraction called the "Union", but by the military forces of the United States of America usurped by Lincoln and under his sole command. Southern peoples of the period loosely used the term "Union" since the U.S. was using the term, but knowing what we know today the use of "Union" can be deceptive and is part of the "framing" of the issues by the U.S. government for propaganda purposes.
Because of the massive nature of this conflict and the radical upheaval and distortion of the "general government of the U.S.", the term "Revolutionary War" or "Yankee or U.S. Revolutionary War" or "American Genocidal War" would also be accurate. (I do not say "Second American Revolutionary War" because the British Colonies were not trying to change or take over England in the "American Revolutionary War." The American Revolution was also a war of secession.) The postwar amendments, particularly the 14 Amendment, have been used to entirely restructure the nature (turn it upside down) of the U.S. central federal government, so much so, that our government today is hardly recognisable when compared to the original intentions of the U.S. Founders as seen in both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States of America.
The malintentions (however "misinformed" they may be) of defenders of the U.S. invasion of the CSA are very clear when they use the term "Civil War." Their purpose is to place the onus for starting the war entirely on the shoulders and consciences of the still politically unrepentant South. Actually the South is just about the only "repentant" part of the U.S. since it is still largely composed of Christian people, but the South and the Southern States have not and should not apologise for resisting the Lincoln Revolution with its tyranny, genocidal and totalitarian character.
Part of the pathology forced on conquered nations is that the defeated nation, in our case "The Republics", must believe they were wrong in resisting the U.S. invasion, because they lost the war. As in nearly all past empires the remaining men of the defeated foes join the victorious military ranks of their conquerors to show that "they are with the program" and deserve citizenship in the New Order. Many Southerners, but not all, resisted this and it took World Wars I and II for the men of the South to follow suit.
The pathetic and unspiritual notion that "Might Makes Right" is still an adage of non-Christian peoples that has been forced down the throats of the people of the Southern States through the continuing programs of indoctrination channeled through strict federal control of the states and their laws, through the Fourth Estate (the pseudo-news media) and compulsory government school education of our children. Southerners still believe that "right is right and wrong is wrong", because of a world view (oriented in the Bible) that is higher than the U.S. federal government. To the Southerner, the U.S. Federal Supreme Court is not supreme and the U.S. President is not the Great Decider but a delegated Servant Presider.
We (this includes many years of my own compliance to the language of the conquerors of my country of Virginia) must be more forceful and less tolerant of the malindoctrinated idiots who continue to insult us. We must stop being "nice" when they say "Haven’t you heard that the war is over? Get over it! You lost!"  Their ignorance, arrogance and totalitarian views of government nearly make the totalitarian Abraham Lincoln look like a "good guy." These poorly informed wretches are not worth the time for thoughtful conversation. There is hardly a Southerner today who does not hold on to the conviction that because their ancestors laid down their arms does not mean that they laid down their beliefs and convictions about what is right. War is not a sport where the highest score wins. The realities of The War to Prevent Southern Independence clearly demonstrate that sovereignty, liberty and freedom were lost in all of the States of the USA and the CSA.
Then the United States have the gall to force Southern U.S. military personnel occupying foreign nations to "win the minds and hearts" of the people in the foreign nations we have warred against. As for me and my house they have not "won" our minds or our hearts, and my family members will not be the stooges they can use to do this to other sovereign nations.
Some Southerners are armchair "fans" of Southern History (much like Ronald Reagan and John Wayne who detested the "ways of the South") and may vigorously defend what their families did in the past, while they totally reject their ancestors "heritage" and their own historical views and arguments by how they live in the present. They bring nothing of their "heritage" to the table of the present. Such has been the partial success of the poproms of "(De)Reconstruction." (Note: A "pogrom" is an organized, often officially encouraged massacre or persecution of a minority group. This is a term well understood in Europe that could well be used by Southerners talking about "Reconstruction.") The northern Democrat States have gone through years of political and social deconstruction as well as has the South.
The better educated portion of our growing Southern movements is increasingly becoming conscious that they are in reality "American Dissidents." This is an honourable title and it is an honourable vocation to be an American Dissident.
Many other people in the U.S. are as opposed to the egalitarian governmental practices of the USA as are Southerners. The main difference is that most of us in the South still believe that it is more honourable to permit others to be the way they want to be without our intervention, while we are actually still capable of independence and see secession as a legitimate, peaceful and positive alternative to trying to control the lives of others, whether at the level of our federal government or through the use of the military in other sovereign nations. The U.S. has been lost to totalitarian American Fabian socialism on its way to becoming communism and a misguided tolerance of pseudo-diversity.
Deo Vindice.
Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
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