From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: March 3, 2009

Shortly after returning from my March into the nations capitol, I would be invited to speak at Asheville Buncombe Community College to the History class of Dr. Mary Motley ( Marry Mac ), as she is fondley called. It is always a gratifying experience to stand before the youth in these settings and tell a different tale than the one they are use to hearing from the federal schools about the War Between the States, the causes that led up to it and importantly the role and relations between the Southern Africans who stood by the Southern White man during this epoch, only to find the place of honor that they earned severely pushed asunder during the 12 year period of so called reconstruction by Northern protagonist bent on breaking the spirit of the Southern White man. My only disappointment is that had Ms. Bloodworth, the Principal of Salem High School in Conyers did not follow the lead of DR. Motley as I had asked of her as I stood outside her school in protest of the actions she put forth in the banning of Dixie Outfitters apparel from her campus.
I don’t just want to single out Ms. Bloodworth for her actions, she is in a long line of politically correct administrators ( Hayes High- Austin, Texas, Maryville High- Maryville, Tennesseee, Blount High,- Blount County, Tennessee, Latta High- Latta, South Carolina, Anderson High- Knoxville, Tennessee, Burrelson High- Burrelson, Texas, Mary-Pilchuck High- washington State, Middle Tennessee State University- Johnson City, Tennessee, Fontainebleau High School- Mandeville, Louisiana….. ) who dare not allow the federal mandate of 1865 to teach the Northern version of history to be challenged because their livelihood is precedent. However, all is not lost to the South and its honorable citizenery, both past and present as our children  frequently question the actions of big government and the destruction of the principles of the Constitution forged by the Founding fathers that led to the War Between the States, but also the similarities of today that causes a great discoutenance to again surface.
Slavery, an economic institution that the whole of the civilize world was complicit in cannot be used as the ruse to justify the chicanery against those Patriots of the South who stand against big government and crooked politicians who waste the nations wealth. For those who no matter what side of the Mason Dixon they preside on would choose to dig a little deeper for historic facts; will discover that as the Kennedy brothers of Louisiana have said in their published works, " the South was Right ". History has come full circle and in this day has began to repeat itself , and it is too bad that academicians would rather attack the Southern Cross than to prepare our children with the truth of its symbolism; a stand against tyranny.