The politician’s economic lie


RE: <<<The Confederate flag’s economic drag >>>

Folks, here you have the whole paradigm in a nutshell. If this reportage is to be believed, mayor coble (who as been nothing but a barnacle on the hull of progress since the SC flag war began) is the definitive politician — because he does nothing but lie about obvious, ineluctable realities. When he loses a round to the truth, he (like the rest of the gliberal establishment) just waits a few years and starts repeating the same lies over and over in the ear of (and on cue from?) the Hate Newspaper, presumably as part of a renewed plot to drive Dixie down into the gutter on Gervais Street.

Look at this article, folks — it won’t take 30 seconds. It is a TEXTBOOK CASE of a communist assault on truth despite its shortness and triteness. The SC economy has been totally unaffected by the flag and nobody’s ever given a shred of evidence otherwise. Of course tourism (our main industry) boomed during the flag conflict and has continued to break records under the NAACP boycott, belying gliberals’ claims even as they shrieked them louder, coble included. The county in which the state house sits shot from about 20th place economically to first among SC’s 46 counties during the ruckus. Who’s kidding whom?

coble doesn’t give any specifics. He merely belches touchy-feely sentiments and implies that….. that….. that what? What is that gibberish about the USC research campus? He doesn’t tie it in with the flag, he just mentions it and there it sits. Are we supposed to think it was a "dream" before the sellout and now it’s a reality? The flag came down in 2001, so that won’t work. Besides, is money all we care about nowadays? Let the fat cats take their "development" projects elsewhere if they don’t like us and our ancestors — we the people really don’t want them or their filthy lucre if that’s how it’s going to be.

"Devastating" is his mr. coble’s word for the "controversial negative image" the flag at the Confederate soldier’s monument supposedly gives SC, but he typically gives no facts, figures or statements from anybody to back it up. bob coble, you are a liar, traitor, and extreme hypocrite. Your performance, like that of hate newspaper editor brad warthen, is loathsome and despicable. Prostiticians like you are the real global shame and curse on South Carolina. You’re the ones that force the state to truckle before the despicable NAACP, Jesse Jackson et al. making us the laughing stock of people with backbones everywhere. Who’s paying you off?

Everybody tell the nice smily man

what you think of him! Write today. If you agree that states should be run by PC-pandering politicians and papers in total disregard for the clear will of the majority of citizens, congratulate him on his role in this "progressive" agenda.