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I hope several of the readers of this list responded to the Roanoke newspapers article, "Real History of the War Between the States." To refer to it as ignorant is being nice. If that man were a relative of mine I would be ashamed of him and his stupidity. This paper limits the words to 200 and they gave this writer more and his own space usually reserved for published authors or teachers and such. Their total purpose is to make fun of and anger those of Southern heritage. The Roanoke paper is anti southern, always has been. Anyone holding a subscription to this paper should do as I did years ago, cancel it. Hit them in the pocket book. I wrote a response to the other article, "Vestiges of the Old South" a few weeks ago and they published it. I cannot get another letter published for 30 days, so let them have it.

Peggy Aldhizer

The real history of the War Between the States
Roanoke Times

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