Americans remembered..BUT!

An attachment showing the whereabouts of the final resting places of American service personnel was forwarded to me, and l can appreciate just how many were lost and in so many countries around the world, and they will always be remembered for what they many wars..and so many deaths in so many faraway countries.

But, what about the Brits and Europeans? We brits and Europeans..(and other countries) fought wars and lost our friends as well as the Americans, but we don’t seem to get a mention…from the American War of the War Between The States.

All those brave volunteers that travelled to America to lend their services…to fight for chosen sides, to help end the wrongs of that country.

Since l have been a Confederate, l have never heard of British mass graves being found, or members of a British/European volunteer regiment being located, if l am wrong in what l have said, then l apologize.

But many volunteers graves have still to be found, some volunteers did make it home, we know that because their graves have been found and marked, but what about the 1000, of other graves, if the volunteers didn’t  make it home..then they must still be in America somewhere…we are concerned about YOUR dead and where they might be, are you just as concerned about OUR dead?

We can all help each other in one way or another, so shall we help each other…put all the differences aside and let’s get searching.

Anthony R Jones.
Cmdr in Chief
Confederate States
Allied Europe
South West Div. UK