American history by liberals
To the Editor:
The interpretation of American history by liberals never ceases to amaze me. The British subjects of King George in the American colonies rebelled against their king yet their fighting a revolution & seceding from England is justified.
However, when the Southern States did the exact same thing some 80 years later in 1861 & their secession movement was different & is to be condemned in the eyes of the liberal P.C. crowd of today. Before this crowd goes to screeching that the Confederacy was about nothing more than slavery I would remind them that in 1776 & 1861 slavery existed in all the states.
When the Revolutionary War was won by the American colonies not one slave was freed by this new government. Yet, you liberal hypocrites praise this war while condemning the War for Southern Independence even though both were & are one in the same.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.