Mr. Joe Crankshaw obviously has no knowledge of the history of this country, the military conquests, or the Imperialist expansionism and what exactly this American Government has done to other people during it’s exploits! Most of what he does claim to know seems to be something his ol Granny told him and not based on historical fact! The American Flag is the one the slaves saw above their heads every day of the voyage to the United States. It is the American flag that flew atop the mast of the slave ships that brought them here. The ships were all out of ports in the North East. The slave trade was the meat and potatoes of the Northern Seamen, and merchants!

The American Flag is the one Mexican women saw as their men folk were herded into the streets and shot dead. Then they were raped under that flag by American troops during the Mexican America war. After the mass rapes were completed the women and their children were also murdered.

It was the flag seen by the Indians as they were systematically tracked down and shot to death by the American Cavalry troops during the US Governments Ethnic cleansing of the Indians.

The American Flag was also the one seen by hundreds of thousands of Southern civilians as they were routed from their homes and watched as their homes were burned to the ground. They watched as they were forced to swear allegiance to the U.S. and if not were bayoneted, shot or hung, irregardless of their age sex, or condition. More than 300,000 civilians were executed by soldiers carrying the American Flag during the War For Southern Independence, 300 Northern news papers were permanently shut down for criticizing the illegal attack against a sovereign nation (the Confederacy) and more than 10,000 antiwar people in the North were imprisoned with no rights to habeas corpus and held till after the end of the war.

The American Flag was also the one seen by the thousands of Filipino civilians as they were arrested by American soldiers around 1900 when they revolted to the illegal American Rule over them and their lands. Whole villages and families were taken out into the fields and with hands bound behind their backs were shot in the head and their bodies thrown into rivers so they would drift downstream to carry the message of what to expect should anyone resist the U.S. Government

It was also the American flag that the Ku Klux Klan marched under in rallies in the early 1900s in Washington D.C. in massive waves of thousands of white sheeted, hooded marchers.

The American flag was the one seen by thousands of World War I Veterans when the went to Washington to demand their mustering out pay only to be charged by cavalry, brandishing sabers on orders from General Douglas McArthur.

It was the American flag that was seen by protesters at Kent State University in the 60s who were peacefully protesting the Vietnam war as the Ohio National Guard took aim and fired their rifles into the group of students killing them!

Hundreds and thousands of atrocities have been committed under the American flag but you fail to speak of the millions of people who are offended by that flag being flown, though it is a symbol of racism, torture, murder, violations of international law, violations of Constitutional Law, ethnic cleansing, forced relocation’s, unlawful imprisonment, mass executions, rape and I could go on forever!

Maybe you should consider talking about the U.S. Flag as it would be more appropriate of a flag that can be considered racist or offensive to any cultural or ethnic segment of the population.

Oh and just for the record, there was never in recorded history a ship that flew the Confederate flag, that carried slaves!

For a columnist, you show no background in historical knowledge of fact. I suggest you return to your alma mater and stay at the task of studying until you know what your talking about. You sham the title of "columnist" you came by through shoddy academic work on your part and you obviously entered your columnist career by way of the back door!

The Confederate flag is the National flag of the Southern Peoples! Just like Mexicans, we southern people have dual citizenship! We are by "FORCE", United States Citizens, but by birth we are citizens of the Confederate States of America, so learn to live with it! Your obviously one of the worthless scalawags that infect our Southern communities and society.

Benjamin Miles
Whittier, California