The American Civil War Center


The American Civil War Center
Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond, Virginia

My husband and I visited your museum Monday briefly. It was totally disappointing and "politically correct"! You say you give the views of the Confederacy, Union and the slaves; however, the fact you hammer home to those who come to your museum is "slavery was the basic cause of The War". I must disagree with you and I realize my opinion will be ignored. I feel strongly your museum teaches the young people and others who are not knowledgeable about "The War" that slavery was the basic cause. If you educate yourself, you know this is not true. This museum is doing a disservice to the visitors, our country and causing harder feelings between the races. Your museum is divisive and not factual!

I, for one, will never darken your door again and will encourage everyone I know "NOT" to waste their time to visit your museum!!

Namuni Hale Young
Knoxville, Tennessee