Let us face squarely what is happening in this nation.  We are confronted with an educational system that is re-writing American history and frankly leaving out what the urban, liberal, elitists consider not politically correct.  This means that in the future all the founding fathers are portrayed as criminals and the Confederacy a NAZI conspiracy and Robert E. Lee a low life co-conspirator.  As the socialist central government consolidates its power, the government controlled schools will continue to pour out more and more anti-traditional American Propaganda.  This new civil war is not primarily between North and South but a class conflict and the sides will be American freedom supporters against one world collectivists.  It is now unfolding in this election and the events in Washington as we speak!  Whether you like it or not, or whether you agree with me or not, you are witnessing the beginnings of this war and class struggle and it will likely erupt in a bloody revolution not unlike what happened in Russia in 1917.
Bob Lovell