Amendment to the Negro Soldier Bill: Electronic Edition.
Confederate States of America. Congress. House of Representatives.


To the Negro Soldier Bill.

1 The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact,
2 That the General-in-Chief commanding the armies of the Confederate
3 States be and he is hereby invested with the full and
4 complete power to call into the service of the Confederate
5 States, to perform any duty to which he may assign them, so
6 many of the able-bodied slaves within the Confederate States,
7 as in his judgment the exigencies of the public service may
8 require.

1 SEC. 2. Be it enacted, That while said slaves are so employed,
2 whether voluntarily offered for service by their owners or
3 impressed in conformity to any existing or future law, such compensation,
4 clothing and rations shall be allowed to and for said
5 slaves as are allowed, by the Act approved February 17, 1884,
6 and Acts amendatory thereto, to increase the efficiency of the
7 army by the employment of free negroes and slaves in certain
8 cases.

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