It’s always the same


Ever since the first appearance of the white liberal sometime in the 1830s, those of us who have taken the time to look a bit closer at things have noticed what an English Editiorialist noted just prior to the WBTS, namely, that the Northern white man will gladly "plead the case of the Negro" because he views him as a "victim", BUT, "he will not tolerate the Negro’s company!" I have noted that some things never change – especially this – take a look at the demographics of the town in which Ms. Schultz lives…..

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Ms. Schultz,

After reading your “ugly acts” column and throwing up everything I’d eaten for the last 3 days, I checked with my lawyer about a possible lawsuit against you for the pain and suffering which the column caused me. Unfortunately, he informed me that not only did I not have a case, but that since I actually went out of my way to read your drivel, I had it coming. Se’ la vie!?

In the interest of brevity, I will not deluge you with historical references, quotes, etc. You should know however, that in regard to my claims below that I have hundreds of pages of references and documentation which, if sent, would overload your mailbox. Frankly, I don’t think you have the interest in them, nor do I think you have the attention span necessary to read them all. That said, a few quick comments…

First, about the slave mother whose 10 children were sold – Drew Gilpin Faust is almost as well known for her sobbing dramatics as you are for yours. While the poem was popular in certain northern publications during the war, there is no evidence to show that it was anything more than a figment of someone’s imagination. If you have proof that it was based on a real life event, then show us. I don’t think you have such proof. I think, in fact, that you are simply blowing smoke out your butt with the intention of making white people feel guilty, making black people feel victimized, and of course, publicly making yourself out to be a noble, award-winning crusader who actually cares about something other than herself.

Second – regarding black people believing that the death of one third of southern males was punishment for slavery – That’s very creative Ms. Schultz. But I’ve read the Slave Narratives in their entirety, and I don’t remember reading that particular thought anywhere. Slaves’ views of the conflict varied – some pro-north, others pro-south with the majority of them concerned simply with getting through the conflict in one piece. If you have other information, please point out your references.

Third, regarding black soldiers being killed at the Battle of the Crater:

**there is no evidence anywhere which even suggests that Lee was aware of prisoners being killed. There is evidence, however, that several hundred black soldiers were taken prisoner – and they were ALIVE when they were marched through town on their way to prison camps and/or hospitals.

**There is also plentiful evidence that as the black soldiers charged the Confederates, they screamed, “No Quarter to the Rebels!” Assuming you know what “No Quarter” means, it should come as no surprise then that some of the black soldiers in question were indeed shown “no quarter” – I suppose the moral of this story could be, BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU ASK FOR!

**There was also no such policy on the part of the Confederate government to kill black prisoners. The Confederate government’s policy was that if you were black, and had been a slave, and you were captured wearing a blue uniform, you went back to your master. If you were a freeman, you went to a prison camp with everyone else. There were plenty of black prisoners in Andersonville.

**And while I promised I would not deluge you with historical references, I will give you one reference regarding brutality of black prison guards – if for nothing else than to show you that I wasn’t bluffing, and, that the white man doesn’t have a mortal lock on brutality.

“The negro guard would, almost without warning, fire among the prisoners, and this at last culminated in the murder of a poor, feeble old man named Potts, a prisoner, one of the most harmless creatures in the pen. He was hailed by one of the guard while approaching his ward, ordered to stop, and shot dead while standing still.”, Southern Historical Society Papers., Vol. XVIII. Richmond, Va., January-December. 1890

Fourth – Please spare us the whining about the horrors of slavery. We both know that if you were really concerned about this subject that you’d be heavily involved in causes which deal with slavery where it exists today, which is in Africa, of all places! You’re not.

Fifth, spare us the heart-rending drivel about African Americans burying Union soldiers – they did the same for Confederate soldiers as well. When General David Hunter’s union soldiers entered the Shenandoah Valley to pillage in 1864, it was an African American boy, a former student at Stonewall Jackson’s Sunday School, who took the Confederate flag from Stonewall’s grave, so as not to have it desecrated by Union troops.

Next- while you’re weeping and moaning about 3400 African Americans who were lynched in an 80 year period, perhaps you could save a little moaning for, or better yet do a column on, the tens of thousands of white Americans who have been killed by African Americans over the last 40 years? To use the modern day vernacular, I for one would like to know, “WAZZUP WID DAT”? Maybe you could find out for me?

And finally – spare us the excitement regarding the possibility of a black man being president. Obama may have a better command of the King’s English than the last two black candidates (A two year old can speak better than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson), but when push comes to shove, the man has no more qualifications to be president than I do.

In sum Ms. Schultz, I have to say that I have, unfortunately, met your kind many times during my life. Your kind is a dime a dozen in a world that is over-loaded with attention-seeking crusaders and reformers who destroy more things in a week than they reform in a year. You are simply one more aging hippie chick who has traded in her flower child dress, rock and roll, and drugs for a beemer, a wussie-senator husband, a double chin, and a house in an all white suburban town…..yes, Ms. Schultz, Avon, Ohio is 97.02% white and .72% black

How convenient! I’m sure it’s comforting for you to run back to that lily-white town of yours after a hard day of proselytizing for social causes at the office – very comfy indeed!

Bill Vallante
Commack NY