Alligator distorts meaning of Rebel flag

Ian R. Moore, UF student
Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The editorial “Road Rebel: Confederate plate no debate for state” struck me as a skewed and misinformed perception of what the Confederate flag or those who wish to fly it believe in. The fact that someone is willing to say “those who would buy it already have jacked-up pickups with mud tires…” shows that the only reason the confederate flag being flown is frowned upon is because of a large generalization to which the answer can be found in a middle school history class. The civil war was not fought on the grounds of “racism, bigotry and backward thought.”

In fact, it was fought over a constitutional right, that of states rights. I am a ninth generation Floridian, and while my family has never encouraged any kind of racism or bigotry mentioned Monday it has encouraged me to remember my roots. This is why you can find my confederate flag flying just below the American flag that I pledge allegiance to today.

So when you see my non-lifted normal truck without mud tires sitting in a parking lot with a confederate flag license plate on it maybe you should think twice about what you stand for before you condemn those who have pride in something different than yourself.