Support Allen Central’s flag

I think it’s pathetic that there is nothing more important to discuss at a board meeting that Allen Central’s display of the Confederate flag, like maybe how we could keep drugs and weapons from entering our schools, things that are actually harmful to our kids.

That flag has been flying there for over 30 years and I have never known of it hurting anyone. But we always have some people who like to stir in something that doesn’t need stirring.

I graduated from Allen Central and not one time did I look at that flag and feel hate or think of slavery. If the truth were known, most of the students at Allen Central now or in the past have no idea what that flag represents, and I bet none of them ever looked at it as a symbol of hate or slavery. May they should discuss history teachers at the next meeting (nothing intended toward any teachers).

Like the man from Teaberry wrote, "It has nothing to do with a gang or race. It is simply a representation of Allen Central." We were proud to be Rebels and of our flag. Nothing more!

I myself have never had a slave, nor do I know anyone that every had a slave. I don’t know of anyone today who was a slave. I do, however, agree with Mr. Coleman, head of the activist group, that the community is still living in the past. Well, just because they choose to stay in the past instead of moving forward doesn’t given them the right to condemn our flag. Honestly, I think it’s just something to pick at, because they have nothing better to do. Why can’t they pursue something worthwhile that may actually be beneficial?

I think along with a lot of others that it would be an absolute shame and disgrace to take the flag from the Rebels. It’s a shame that these symbols are already being eliminated. When will this nonsense stop? Prayer has been taken out of school, the Ten Commandments are under fire, and certain words that are offensive shouldn’t be said. What will be next?

And we have men and women dying every day in a war and they can’t find anything better to complain about. I found it ironic after 9/11 businesses everywhere had up signs, "God bless our troops" and "God bless America." But yet you can’t pray at school and want God taken out of the Pledge and a judge rules in favor of one student not to have prayer at graduation. I commend these students for doing it anyway. And what happened to majority rules?

You know, there’s a lot of things I see and hear on the TV and radio that I don’t like. But I don’t try to take these things from everyone just because I don’t like it. I change channels or, in this case, don’t look at it.

I hope everyone at Allen Central of anyone who just believes this is wrong will be at the board meetings on Jan. 17 and Jan. 22 at 6:30 p.m. at May Valley. The discussion of the flag is on the agenda for both meetings. Let’s all, Rebels and Rebel believers, stand together. Don’t let them take our flag. It’s been there 30 years. Let’s keep it 30 more. And please, let’s all remember our First Amendment right and exercise it.

Karen Caudill

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