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Chuck here is the letter I sent to Rick Kaufman in response to his letter to Mr. Puisseger. Waiting to see if I get any response.

George Purvis (SHAPE)


I received your letter below in an email and there are a few points I take object to. You are a educational communications professional, that is not quite the same as a trained historian or even an amateur researcher of history is it? Your very first statement tells me that perhaps teaching factual history is not a top priority in your school system. I must disagree with you; the entire nation has a stake in the education of the children Bloomington, MN. Take for instance one of your poorly educated history teachers come to any Southern state telling half truths and lies about the Confederate Battleflag and the War for Southern Independence, students hoping to make a decent grade have got to accept this poor teaching as fact in order to pass.

I read you explanation on racially diverse high school and personally think it is just a crock. You can teach tolerance and understanding about everything except anything Confederate. Again I say it is the school system that needs to be upgraded and true history should be taught. Perhaps you should teach how ALL races that were in the United States at the time of the War for Southern Independence fought for the South in units with their white counterparts. That cannot be said for the Union Army. In fact it took the order of President Harry S. Truman, in July 1948, via Executive Order 9981 to integrate the “Union army.”

You mention the KKK using the Confederate flag as a symbol; did you know the official flag of the KKK is the United States flag? There are several online site that verify this one of the being this one If you have any doubts I can provide a letter that was written to my brother after we protested the KKK using the Confederate Battleflag. You may also want to check out the pictures found at just to verify what is written. Granted we both must agree that it is the right of the KKK to display any flag they chose. Do we really want to deny that right to US citizens??

I am most interested in just what you teach your students about the South, the Confederacy and The Confederate flag and the war in general. Do you honestly teach them true history or do you teach them to hate all things Southern? Do you teach them Lincoln provoked the war, do you teach secession was legal. Do you teach that the Confederate constitution bans slavery, just the same as the US constitution? Do you teach any of the atrocities committed by the United States government on both black and white? Do you really teach them to be tolerant of our Confederate heritage, or do you let the media and with racial and biased opinions teach about the South?

We do appreciate your involvement with the Katrina disaster; however I cannot help but wonder just how many historical facts you could become keenly aware of in 35 days of working for FEMA. Did you learn any of the crimes Union General “Beast” Butler committed while he was provost over New Orleans? The fact that you’re connected to the SPLC is a dead give-a-way as to your biased opinions. Morris Dees and his merry band hate everything Southern. This is the same group that names the Son of Confederate Veterans (SCV) a hate group, while the SCV welcome members of all races to join, while giving black hate groups a free pass. Now I can see how you made an un-biased decision.

Oh, by the way, what do you think of Biloxi Bacon?

George Purvis
Gulfport, Miss
Member of —
Founder & Vice President—Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation & Education
Family and War For Southern Independence researcher