Battle Flags Across Alabama Project Continues To Grow

ANDALUSIA (CHF) – Confederate Heritage Fund’s Battle Flags Across Alabama Project has been enthusiastically received and the Fund has now installed over 120 Confederate Battle Flags and Flagpoles since August, 2003 (see photos and map below).

Supporters of Confederate Heritage Fund paid for 40 of these Flagpole installations, while the Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans paid for 80 installations.

"Most of the 16 foot Flagpoles are in the front yards of peoples’ homes and promote the personal endorsement of the homeowners for our Confederate Veterans’ Flag to their friends, neighbors, families and the public," stated Roger Broxton, President of Confederate Heritage Fund.

"This personal endorsement in turn causes others to display our Veterans’ Battle Flag."

About 1/3 of these Flagpoles are on U.S., State or County Highways; 1/3 on major streets or in subdivisions; and 1/3 at off road locations.

Broxton remarked, "Every Flag installation has a positive effect on someone, honors our Confederate Veterans and encourages people to publicly display our Veterans’ Battle Flag on T-shirts, hats, car tags, bumper stickers, as well as, install their own Battle Flag and Flagpole."

For example, on a follow up installation trip from the Florida line to the Tennessee line, Broxton counted 50 Battle Flags on flagpoles in people’s front yards that they themselves had recently erected, in addition to the 25 Flagpoles that Broxton had installed.

Broxton observed, "The Confederate Rights Movement is definitely growing and the contagious result that such Battle Flag installations are having is quite evident and encouraging."

"This domino effect worked in Georgia, where they have erected over 1000 Flags and poles. With enough financial help we could erect 1000 Battle Flags in Alabama."

Requests for Flags and Flagpoles are coming in from other parts of Alabama but donations are needed for these new Flag installations.

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