Al Hockaday and the US Marines
Mr. Hockaday,
I thank you for your service to our Country, and salute your love of that branch of the US Armed Services. While I did not serve, my father did, beginning in World War 2, then Korea and Viet Nam. When it was all said and done gave 48 years to the US Army. Rare is the man who dedicates his life to such a demanding job.
I am aware of your youtube video statements opposing the Museum of the Confederacy, and your most recent statements in opposition to the further display of the historic flags in honor of American Veterans buried in Lexington as was witnessed in January 2011.
I am including others in this email to offer the following, perhaps because of the info I have seen from media reports that offers only 1 perspective – a strong dislike of said flags from yourself and some of those included in their message. My attempt is to offer a much different view of the Confederate flag, other than the single issue I gather is being espoused in your town.
It was the US Marines, who after a long and deadly battle on Okinawa during WW2, finally captured Shuri Castle and in victory flew a Confederate Battleflag over it’s ramparts for 2 days.
It was the US Marines who marched in Beirut 1958 under the Confederate flag.
The confederate flag waves from top of pup tent of SFC Eugene L. Bursi, of Memphis, Tenn., an artilleryman with the 136th Field Artillery Battalion U.S. Eighth Army, in Korea on April 27, 1951.
I have dozens of more examples of military units and individual soldiers in the current services using the flag as it was intended, an honorable banner of the American Fighting man.
Thanks and God Bless
William Bearden
Carrollton Ga