Activism; Posted on: 2006-04-25 15:25:55
Attorney General hopeful says race-hustling group has connection to Oklahoma City Bombing.
by Larry Darby
Candidate for Alabama Attorney General

WHEN ELECTED Attorney General for the State of Alabama I intend to launch a thorough probe into possible illegal activities by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). I believe a probe will expose evidence sufficient to empty the SPLC’s coffers and run them out of the State of Alabama

I have obtained copies of FBI teletypes and other documents in an ongoing federal court case in Utah that indicate Morris Dees (SPLC founder and chief counsel) and the SPLC had prior knowledge of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and failed to act responsibly, allowing the bombing to go forward, killing 168 persons.

Jesse C. Trentadue, whose brother was tortured and killed while in federal custody because he looked like a suspect in the OKC investigation, won a $1.1 million judgment against the FBI based on intentional infliction of emotional distress. Still suspicious about his brother’s death, Trentadue sued the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act in order to acquire more information.

The FBI has obstructed justice in this case or has been reluctant to release all information it has on Dees, the SPLC, and their complicity in the OKC Bombing.

On March 29, USDC Judge Dale A. Kimball ordered the FBI to conduct additional searches of its records and turn them over to Trentadue. The order specifically referred to information about the SPLC that the FBI referred to in documents, but were never produced as proof.

The SPLC, an advocate for open borders allowing for the current Mexican invasion of the South, is believed to have had an informant working with Timothy McVeigh; the alleged informant or employee of the SPLC conveniently escaped to Mexico.

[Some observers theorize that Dees’ group profits greatly — they have accumulated funds estimated to be over $100,000,000 through direct mail scare campaigns — every time there is a "right wing extremist"-linked violent incident in the public eye. One long-term academic researcher of radical politics who spoke to V-News on condition of anonymity described the current relationship between the SPLC and a heavily-promoted swastika-waving group (which the SPLC claims to oppose) as "symbiotic — if not actually one of out-and-out subsidy." — Ed.]

The SPLC has long been an embarrassment to good citizens of Alabama because of their publications which slander and harass persons or businesses who express views counter to the foreign ideologies advanced by the SPLC. The SPLC’s writers and lawyers do not let truth or facts get in their way to destroy those they target in their quest to denigrate the South and our culture.

The SPLC is quick to label good citizens as "haters" or "racists" — while the SPLC itself foments the things its supporters believe it fights. The SPLC, exposed as a "non-profit" fraud by the Montgomery Advertiser before that newspaper was purchased by Gannett, has long acted to instill hatred and prejudice against Alabama and its good people by creating an impression that the South is a bad place, all for the purpose of spreading its foreign ideologies, bilking gullible donors of millions of dollars each year in the process.

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