Assistance From Northern Conservatives

From: "james king"


Frank Conner, author of the book "The South Under Siege 1830-2000" stated on the inside cover of the book "Northern conservatives who refuse to join the Southern conservatives in the fight against socialism will soon find themselves helpless cogs in the ideological liberal’s U.S. workers’ paradise". Earlier this year I donated a copy of this book to one of our Northern friends, Peter Carminati of Bally Bay Publications, in Stonington Maine. He plans to do a review of the book later this year or as soon as possible. In his newsletters he promotes the book and he is assisting us in numerous ways. Mr. Carminati is convinced that the South was and is right.

Read his letter posted below concerning Oakwood Cemetary in Richmond Virginia.

James King
Commander SCV Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia
TO: Letter to the Editor <>
P. O. Box 85333, Richmond, Virginia (Federal Occupation/Locater Code

CC: Mayor L. Douglas Wilder 1-800-646-7970 <>
Richmond City Hall, Room 201
900 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia (Federal
Occupation/Locater Code 23219)

Subject: Oakwood Cemetery Restoration Project

To All Interested Parties;

We talk about patriotism in the United States of America, but the advocates for social justice taking their orders from the Council on Foreign Relations which fronts for the New World Order as described in Agenda 21 at the United Nations, makes it plain after reading through the obscured and misdirected language that patriotism of any kind is dead and gone, since the New World Order recognizes no country or borders anywhere in the world. May I remind the reader that the New World Order is not yet in force in spite of every effort made by the politicians at the federal and state levels in most areas of the country.

To openly discriminate against patriotic Confederate soldiers who served their country honorably and paid the ultimate price by standing in harm’s against the invader, is an inexcusable crime, that appears to be aided and abetted by a local city ordnance that forbids erecting upright markers for the CSA graves in Oakwood Cemetery. It is bad enough that current-day war casualties face interrupted funeral processions by a bunch of Leftist idiots bent on imposing the New World Order using gangster methods, without having to face the vandals who have free reign to raise Cain and dishonor the dead sold- iers in Oakwood Cemetery. I find it personally abominable that any city official would adopt a "devil may care" attitude towards those vandals and refuse to do the right thing. And, from another source, I just learned that the Mayor of Richmond is a Korean War veteran. Who "reeducated" the mayor?

The Virginia Department of Historical Resources must be allowed to proceed with the restoration of Oakwood Cemetery. In case anyone has forgotten, Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States of America. No one has any right to deny the facts of history, and neither does anyone have the right to deny the people’s heritage. Those denials are despicable. The deniers refuse to read the real history and be willing to accept the facts.

Once Oakwood Cemetery has been restored, the City of Richmond will have a fine tourist attraction that reflects the true history of Eastern Virginia, something that the residents should be proud of.

In closing, I am a Gulf War (Desert Storm) USAF veteran and a proud member of the American Legion. All Legionaires have nothing but the utmost respect for the veterans in our American cemeteries. The mayor of Richmond needs to give serious thought to changing his "Northern" attitude to one that respects the citizens of the South.

Peter Carminati
Bally Bay Publications
3-D Manor Lane
Stonington, Maine (Federal Locator Code 04681)