Again with the Nazis!?



For all your pontificating about “logic”, try as I might, I fail to find any “logic” in your column. You blatantly compare Confederate symbols to the swastika, yet you fail to explain exactly how this is so? All we are left with is your OPINION, and nothing more. So tell us, oh great windbag, how is the Confederacy anything like Nazi Germany?

I see no evidence of Genocide anywhere in the Confederacy’s brief history. And please don’t serve up the slavery thing as an example – if having slaves makes you a Nazi, then most nations and societies since the dawn of time would qualify, and that includes the Northern States of the United States, which brought over a half a million Africans into this country. Besides, if you were really concerned about slavery, you wouldn’t be harping on slavery of the past, you’d be doing something about where it exists in the present – – and we both know you’re doing SQUAT in this regard.

Nazi Germany sent its armies rolling across its borders in an attempt to dominate and subjugate its neighbors. Jefferson Davis, Patrick Cleburne, Judah P. Benjamin, Mary Chestnut and countless other Southerners repeatedly said, “All we ask is to be let alone”. Funny, that doesn’t sound very Nazi-like to me? In fact, when it comes to invading one’s neighbors, I’d say that Lincoln and his boys come closer to being Nazi-like than their opponents.

So then, where is the explanation for this analogy of which you speak? We both know there is none. The last time I saw this much hot air in one place I was at a hot air balloon race. Either put up or shut up and simply admit to your readers that this is your opinion and you have nothing with which to back it up.

Oh yeah, one more thing – stop dispensing free advice to young minds. “Watch your back”? They “tried to stare him down”? ROFL!!!!! Skip the high drama – some of us are not impressed.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)