Advocate perpetuates nonstory on flag

I am amazed and disappointed that The Advocate has continued to perpetuate this ridiculous LSU Confederate flag nonstory with misleading and false information.

About 92,000, plus or minus, fans show up each game day for a sporting event, and The Advocate reports that "some fans and tailgaters" fly the LSU Confederate flag. The fact is that out of 92,000 fans, one may only find a dozen or so flags flying. Wow, is this really a story, much less a protest?

In another article published by The Advocate, front page, Friday, Oct 4, the reporter quoted a protester who falsely stated that the Confederate flag was a racist Civil War symbol.

Oh, really? Too bad the reporter did not correct the statement by giving the reader the truth, that the Union did in fact have slave states and the fact that President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation only freed Southern slaves while keeping Northern slaves shackled! So much for the assertion that the Confederate flag is a racist Civil War era symbol!

It is my opinion that the failure of the media, including The Advocate, to provide actual, historical and important details of this story IS the reason why misinformed students continue to "protest" the LSU battle flag and/or Confederate flag.

James Mcadams
Baton Rouge