Let Georgia Vote

If anyone is interested in getting a Confederate Heritage & History Month Proclamation signed by their local governmental agency, be it a city council or county commission, then here are some facts and helpful pointers you will need to expedite your efforts.

First of course, you will need to have a proclamation in hand prior to beginning, but samples are provided on this website and a simple google search will show numerous other examples from across the Southland for added language if so desired. Once your proposed Confederate Heritage & History Month Proclamation is ready, you must get it into the hands of the city/county clerk, or the secretary to the mayor or commissioner as soon as possible.

If you have never dealt with these people before, relax – simply explaining your wishes, who you represent, and a brief spiel about honoring Veterans will suffice. Just request the Confederate Heritage & History Month Proclamation be placed on/in ‘official’ stationery and be signed with gold seal by the mayor/council/chairman/commission before April 1st.

As for the method of getting your Confederate Heritage & History Month Proclamation signed – there are 2 avenues.

The first way is the commissioner/mayor and entire commission/city council to sign it by submitting it to the scheduled calendar agenda – if they aren’t worshipping the PeeCee gods – and

The other is to get just the mayor or commissioner to sign it without going before the whole board – this method is followed if the board/council are anti-veteran or agitators in the public arena who will cause a stink.

Once you succeed in getting your Confederate Heritage & History Month Proclamation signed, see about press coverage, passing out copies to your local schools for possible living history lessons or an invite as a guest speaker.

Finally let us know when you get it signed and provide if possible a copy for our records, and prepare for next year to get more!

On The Web: http://spofga.org/flag/2006/feb/more_confederate_heritage_month.php