Ol’ Journalism Grad with advice for English/History Majors writing articles

From: jpatb70@msn.com
To: firingline@dailytexanonline.com

I recently read an article printed in the Daily Texan that exposes the distorted and incomplete education the young writer has received. I am referring to the Confederate Flag article which stated, "the violence, disunity and fear that the Confederate cause promoted." Let’s consider the truth and reflect upon the writer’s obvious extreme bias.

1. The violence was started by the Union when they invaded the South at Manassas. In subsequent efforts they killed over 10,000 women and children in Sherman’s March alone. In one episode, over 2,000 women and children were shipped north never to be seen or heard from again. Violence? The Confederates were defending their homes and farms.

By the way, nobody was killed or even injured as a result of any action taken by the Confederates against Fort Sumter…and Lincoln wrote a letter to one of his Union Naval Officers thanking him for helping to "get the war started."

2. Disunity is an interesting claim as all states in the Union had the right to secede and that was clearly understood at the time the war started. Lincoln had been advised, however, that "if we let them leave, they will break us (economically)!" This was quite true as the South supplied more than 73% of all income into the U.S. Federal Treasury. Lincoln and his radical, anti-constitutional, Whig Party supporters was the greatest cause of disunity ever experienced in North America. Read Dr. Thomas Di Lorenzo’s great, factual account in The Real Lincoln.

3. Fear is another interesting claim that must be compared with the facts. The North send hundreds of thousands of men south killing fathers and brothers, burning homes, destroying crops and livestock with thousands of war crimes documented in the Library of Congress. The Provost Marshalls of the Union Army kept good records of this travesty in their own words.

History major? That is a shame that UT doesn’t have professors that are interested in the truth. The Eurothink Lemming Society triumphs again.

J. Pat Baughman, BJ, 1965