Advancing the Confederate Cause
Greetings; I’d like to speak to each of you regarding the Confederate Cause!  Many of you have been involved in and have participated in advancing the Cause, some for as much as 20 years, others have joined our numbers since that time.  While there are those who have fallen by the way, still there remains a hard corps of believers!  Nonetheless, I perceive that there is a sizeable number, which have become exceedingly disappointed and disillusioned, having firmly believed the Confederate Cause would grow and prosper over time.  While in truth, if one looks closely, they will find we have hardly grown at all since those early years.
There is a reason for this seeming stalemate and it involves a self-evident truth, that no movement of whatever sort, has grown and prospered over the long term, which did not have a dynamic central leadership.  I speak here of a central figure or figures around whom the entire Confederate Cause could rally!  Secondly we do not have as a movement, a single series of written principles, principles which put us all on the same page.
And finally, the modern Confederate Cause was born under a single organization, but has since divided itself into a couple of dozen organizations, each believing they alone have the answser.  We need not look at one another and by all means do not look at someone else’s organization, for we are all equally guilty of wasting valuable time and effort in dividing the Confederate Cause, thereby guaranteeing failure.
However be of good cheer, the Confederacy will be liberated and restored, all in due course of time!  However you can help the Cause even now, and do so without pointing fingers!  Log onboard the ‘Proclamation of Independence’ posted below, down load a copy, then post it if you have a website or else distribute it if you are able.
Understand that neither I nor the Confederate Legion is the author of the Proclamation of Independence, rather it was written anonymously by a University Professor.  However I can assure you, it is a piece of scholarship, and it well describes the situation in which the Confederacy finds itself in our time.
You are welcome to add Confederate flags, symbols and other graphics to your copy, but please, do not alter the text in any way or present it as as if it is by and for your own organization. The document is what it is, and stands upon the text as written.  Send a copy of the Proclamation of Independence to whoever may seem good your eyes!
The Document belongs to the Confederate Cause, not to I the Confederate Legion or to I myself!
Proclamation of Independence
Confederate Legion
Confederate Informer
God save the Confederacy
Thomas E. Guinn
Confederate Legion