Dear Mr. Tremble,

I personally spend very little time in flag defence. For it is not our flag that the American socialists and agnostics hate. It is us that they have real hatred and animosity for.

That flag is not just a symbol of the South of the past. It is, for many of us, our flag. It represents us. The choir is still the most regularly meeting group of the church. Pastors have a great need of the choir as does the church. And, the choir needs the preaching of the pastor and the support of the church.

I feel that you are really wrong about flag defence being a "waste of time" on SHNV or anywhere else. We are bombarded daily with the assault of those who hate the South, the truth and our Saviour. For years many of us felt we were all alone and that we are the last generation of our kind. It is this generation who has the challenge to see that this does not prove to be true.

The letters in SHNV are often copies of what has been sent to non-Southern individuals, scallywags and the ever-hostile press and politicians. I have been greatly helped and encouraged at seeing how others have sought to "defend who we are" and the "meaning of our symbols," and I thank those who post their letters in this behalf on SHNV.

I agree with you that we need to be more pro-active and not just re-active to these assaults. We need to learn successful ways to gain public attention and control our own agenda about restoring true freedom and liberty to our land.

We are growing and learning more each day about how to defend ourselves. We have been too tolerant for much too long. There are many fronts on which we need to be educative, taking the initiative and, at times even re-active. I commend our computer literate troops who fight the enemy on their own ground and do not sit silently by when ignorance and arrogance attacks us; especially, in the news papers and media that prospers at our expense.

I get a little weary of such shallow people who don’t know their heads from a whole-in-the-ground about history. But, however stupid and ignorant they are, their PC stupidity is the popular mode and thought of our increasingly agnostic and socialist culture. We need to active on many fronts and SHNV is serving to let me know that there are those out there who are willing to take time from their busy lives and still defend the Cause.

Thank you Charles, SHNV readers, supporters and writers! And, I thank you Mr. Tremble for flying the flag and caring.

God bless you.

Tim D. Manning
Executive Director
Virginia Heritage Foundation
Virginia Division Chaplain
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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