Thursday, March 6, 2014

Active nullification bills

Mark sends this:

Here is a partial list of bills I put together from the surrounding states where they are blocking and refusing to enforce federal law:

Resisting the National Security Agency:


Tennessee:    House    Senate

Protecting 2nd Amendment:

One was introduced in 2012 session in North Carolina and signed by Dennis Riddell as well as 25 others.

Tennessee: Passed a Firearms Freedom Act in 2009. Here is 2014 version:    Senate    House

Missouri: 2nd Amendment Preservation Act



South Carolina: Passed the House


Industrial Hemp:

South Carolina:


NDAA Noncompliance:

2012 Virginia Law

South Carolina: Passed Senate

If you want to take a stand, here’s a great place to start! Get fellow Southerners and their State representatives talking about State sovereignty by contacting your elected officials and ask that they back these bills. Every journey starts with one small step.

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