Accept everyone’s heritage


Dear editor:

Ms. Taylor, although I can’t argue with all of your article — you’re right about my ancestors being poor, cotton-picking farmers — I am always amazed at the hypocrisy of you Confederate flag haters.

First, it is very obvious that you don’t know any “Sons of Confederates” because if you did you would realize how ridiculous your whole “Gone with the Wind” comparison is and you would also know that we are called the “Sons of Confederate Veterans.” Secondly, while you pretend to be so concerned about the feelings of some people in the Southern community, you have no problem insulting my ancestors and me.

Did it ever occur to you that if we are ever going to truly come to terms with our past and all respect each other, we are going to have to accept everyone’s heritage? Why does your idea of diversity not include my heritage?

All of American history represents a heritage that included hatred, not just Confederate heritage. Maybe we should ban the Christian cross and the American flag as well. And what about that old bland, blue Georgia flag that you so admire — any hatred associated with that flag?

Here’s a little history lesson for you. The South had just as much a right to secede in 1860 as the colonies did in 1776 and those who fought for Southern independence were good honorable men who died under that flag you defile.

Bill Norris, Commander, Secession Camp No. 4, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Charleston, S.C.

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