Accentuate the truthful
The Southern accent is one of my favorite subjects. Its fate is among my gravest concerns. A great example came in today of a Southerner and some beautiful, guileless yet momentous Southern speech:
Gardasil: chemical weapon of the elite
His subject matter is urgent enough; his courage in exposing the evils of a scalawag Texas governor should win him double support from our crowd. But to hear political correctness busted in this specific key almost makes me weep — because it’s the real South of Dr. Russell Blaylock versus the Bizarro counterfeit of the likes of Rick Perry.
The fact that the Gardasil issue exists is "a painful reminder" of how far Dixie has strayed from her original Christian common-sense foundations, but hopefully it won’t stink up the political atmosphere much longer thanks to gutsy spokesmen like Dr. B.
On seeing the apostle Nathanael for the first time, our Lord and Savior declared him "an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile" (John 1:47). Whenever a bold truth-teller arises to publicly speak truth to corrupt power, my gut reaction is "behold a Southerner indeed, in whom there is no guile" — and it almost always turns out to be the case.
A major instance for me while growing up in greater NYC was anytime George Wallace would show up on Meet the Press or some other TV interview situation. I was pretty well brainwashed against him, but the fact that he said exactly what he thought without a shred of pretense or ego made him a striking and impressive contrast to the yankee talking heads around him.
It should just move you every time PC gets busted up in a guileless yet civil and quietly brilliant Southern accent. It’s what public discourse was supposed to be in this country, as opposed to the nasal, mindless, impudent shriekings of (for instance) the View TV show. Above all, I beg people to note these extreme regional differences of worldview and work to save what’s left of the South that is real, decent, moral, reticent, yet at the same time is nobody’s fool.
Time for a song:
We Want America Back-The Steeles trio