ACC commissioner action and my response
The following is my response to the ACC for relocating the baseball tourneys.
I strongly object the action taken by the ACC regarding the baseball tournament not being held in Myrtle Beach in 2011-13.  You committed to this in press releases and committed to the citizens of Myrtle Beach and Horry County.
The local branch of the NAACP wrote in support of these tournaments as did various other organizations.
However, the ACC backed down when pressured by NAACP officals from their state headquarters and national headquarters.
The legislators vindicated themselves when they reached an accord to relocate the flag to the Confederate Soldier’s monument and removed it from the Capitol dome.
The NAACP reneged on their commitment as well by continuing the boycott against SC.
Nothing will satisfy them except the complete desecration of anything Confederate everywhere.
Being a native son of SC and the Pee Dee Area/Grand Strand Area I strongly disagree with their stance as it makes no sense and completely violates my heritage.
It’s time for them to get over it because the historical statue and flag will remain in its present location.  The ACC should take a bolder stance for the citizens of the states where the ACC conducts sporting events and tell the NAACP just where to get off.
Since you are adopting this stance regarding our beloved state, I personally will not support the ACC in any way except during sporting events held in our state for our state colleges and universities.
Colonel Vic Phillips
Past Commander
Pee Dee Rifles, SCV Camp 1419
Florence, SC
"The Palmetto State"