Absurd Poll Question
From: patriot1861@yahoo.com
Re:  POLL: Do you view the Sons of Confederate Veterans as a racist organization?
To Jerry Clark jerry@chartwellcorp.com
I am at a loss to figure out just exactly what you were trying to accomplish by asking such an incendiary and demeaning question as the one "Do you think the SCV is a racist organization?"
What gets me is you just throw it out there haphazardly with other questions with no context or reason why such a question should be asked.  Instead of inappropriately labeling the SCV as racist, which is basically what you did, like it or not, by posing such a question, why could you have not asked the question, "Do you think the SCV is a genealogical, historical, and patriotic organization?"   I know why, because that is not what sells papers or catches the eyes of on-line readers. 
I am certainly pleased with the results, but I personally refuse to answer your question.

Charles Lauret
SCV Member
He responded with "Thanks for the note."