Just a reminder about "those people" . . .
From: JMichHill@cs.com
Compatriots: A League member, Mr. J. T. Neal, sent me a postcard he got while on a trip to Athens, Alabama, recently. The card depicts an historical marker placed in the center of old town Athens by the government of Limestone County. It is headed "Athens Sacked and Plundered" and reads as follows:
"On May 2, 1862, Union troops of the 19th and 24th Illinois and the 37th Indiana regiments, commanded by Col. John Basil Turchin, went on a rampage through the town. They looted and plundered stores and homes, stealing clothing, jewelry, and anything of value, destroying what they did not want. For months afterward, the soldiers stables their horses in some of the town’s churches, burned the pews for firewood and destroyed the interiors. Col. Turchin, born Ivan Vasillevitch Turchinoff in Russia, was court martialed in Huntsville for encouraging these actions, but his wife appealed to Abraham Lincoln for clemency on his behalf. Turchin was promoted to Brig. Gen. one day before his court martial."
Compatriots, we are still dealing with these sorts of people today. Never forget that.