About the whiners
To the Editor:
80 million Southerners & most Americans are sick & tired of hearing the moaning, complaining & whining of liberals today with their constant attempts from the 1960`s to turn the South`s last 150 years into something its not & never was & never will be.
They would have you believe the South was one massive plantation where everyone owned slaves & wanted to exterminate them. The facts are less than 5% of all Southerners owned slaves plus slavery did exist in the northern states at the same time which is almost always conveniently left out of this discussion.
Had, as these liberals claim, the South had been using plantations as concentration camps for the internment of slaves waiting for execution in a gas chamber there would not be any of their descendants alive today to complain about it. Fact, slavery was an economic institution since the founding of the colonies and in most countries of the world prior to this, including some of my ancestors which were white.
So blacks do not belong to an exclusive country club in which only the ancestors of their race were slaves. They are just the most recent if you can call 150 years ago recent. Fact, slavery was never about love or hate.
The fact is, the only reason slavery is ever brought up by liberals is an attempt to continue to divide people & gain political power from those they claim to represent at the expense of the rest of America in general & the South in particular. This is not showing tolerance & inclusiveness but only continues to divide people.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.