Robert E. Lee Proclamation


Robert E. Lee Proclamation

Here in America, we are told to accept everyone. We are even told that all people of Middle Eastern descent are not to be linked with those of 9-11. However, this acceptance of “everyone,” does not include those of us that want to honor our Confederate ancestors; in other words diversity for everyone except us. The Sons of the Confederate Veterans and the Daughters of the Confederacy are not racist organizations. In fact, they have stood against certain hate groups that are racist.

For those that objected to the proclamation for Robert E. Lee, I challenge you to educate yourself on this man. Robert E. Lee was one of the finest Christian men that ever lived. Lee, unlike his northern counterpart, Ulysses S. Grant, never sanctioned or condoned slavery. Upon inheriting slaves from his deceased father-in-law, Lee immediately freed them. However, General Grant and his wife held personal slaves before and during the War Between the States, and even Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation did not free them. They were not freed until the Thirteenth Amendment was passed after the conclusion of the war. Grant’s excuse for not freeing his slaves was that "good help is so hard to come by these days." Yet, Grant’s face is honored on our currency… go figure!

Sally Raburn
Plant City, Florida

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