The Abolition Crusade Ends in the Sword
The writer below points out the true cause of the War Between the States—not slavery but endless and irresponsible agitation by fanatical abolitionists.  He also points the finger toward those who supplied these criminals with money and weapons, and who lent legal support after the capture of John Brown and his gang. Not ever forthcoming from the abolitionists was a reasonable, peaceful and sincere solution to African slavery in this country, only the sharp end of the sword at the throat of Americans in the South.
Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute 

The Abolition Crusade Ends in the Sword:
Montevideo, Monday, November 7th, 1859
Rev. C.C. Jones to Mr. Charles C. Jones, Jr. (excerpt)
“The Harpers Ferry affair proves to be more serious than at first it appeared to be—not in reference to the Negro population, for that had nothing to do with it; but in reference to the hostility of large numbers of men of all classes in the free States to the slaveholding States, even unto blood, and their readiness to aid and abet such attempts with counsels and money, and to employ reckless agents to carry them out.
There is a covert, cowardly, assassin-like heart in these men. Why do they not arm and come to the field in open day? From the tone of the abolition press in the free States, both secular and religious, there is great sympathy for the prisoners at Harpers Ferry. Some go so far as to justify the act, and only condemn the time and manner of it! The whole abolition crusade which has been preached for thirty years ends in the sword. The volunteering of counsel for the prisoners from the free States is another proof of sympathy in their crime, and an insult to the justice of the South. 
Some of the papers friendly to the South hope that the South will be forbearing and magnanimous! Against the miserable lives of these men who have plotted arson, robbery, murder and treason over a vast portion of our country, who may weigh millions of property, millions of lives, the virtue, the order, the peace and happiness of our people, the majesty of the laws, the sacredness of religion, our constitution and our Union?
There is no place left for forbearance—no ground for compromises. The magnanimity of the South must not be exercised towards public criminals of the deepest dye, but towards herself in all her greatest and best interests, and towards our common country. Such sparks like these, struck to produce a universal conflagration, should be stamped out immediately. Such enemies should be met and overwhelmed without quarter in a moment.
If the conservative and loyal men of the free States, who we believe do now possess the power, are willing and ready to rule down this spirit of treasonable and violent aggression upon an unoffending and invaluable section of our country, we shall be most happy to see them do it.”
(The Children of Pride, Robert Manson Myers, editor, Yale University Press, 1974, pp. 525-526)