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I had a similar issue with the First United Methodist Church of Dublin next door to my house. For 16 months we battled the church. There is so much that went on…..I sued one member of the church for criminal tresspass…the evil head trustee responsible for most of the war I sued for stalking…not only physical stalking but internet stalking. At one point I was not allowed to set foot on church property which separated me from the graveyard in back of the church where one of my ancestors is buried.

Both magistrate cases were dismissed by the judge. He even sent both dismissals in the same envelope…small town politics….this even though they were as guilty as you can get. NOBODY in Dublin would help us! The church is where the richest folks in town go….even the mayor!

Oh but why am I putting this on the Confederate list? I fly the battle flag at my house which is the Hardy Smith House….see my blog

This is but one message the head trustee sent…remember this is the head trustee of a church….he created a fake utube under my name…..

Hi, I shot this video right after my dog max and I got out of bed. I had to let my girlfriend out of her kennel and had her take the video. She is use to shooting video of me and my special love Max. We do not go to
church nor are we belivers but follow the Aryan Nation and represent by flying the Rebel Flag at Camp Hardy. My biggest problem is I fight a battle with psychitzophrenicia and can not handle reality therefore induldge in drug enraged binges. Yours Truly, John Hall Jr.

So I have sympathy for those involved in Carrolton and wish them luck……How did it end in Dublin? A new pastor came on the seen. The previous pastor was a weak man who would not stand up to the rich
millionare head trustee…..when the church filed a law suit against me for the property line dispute (Evil Head trustee tried to place a fence on my side of the new curb) I told the pastor that hell was coming to breakfast (Outlaw Jose Wales quote) if the church did not dismiss the lawsuit…..we had had enough!

The new pastor called a meeting of the trustees and the lawsuit was dismissed………….the evil trustee is now gone. He got whipped….

I pray that the same will happen in your case in Carrolton,

Merry Christmas,

John Hall
#104 Dublin