A True Hero

The writer of the Feb. 26 letter "In Forrest’s favor" did a fine job defending Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. What I find indefensible was Eugene Robinson’s attempt at race-baiting by disparaging a true American hero’s honor ("In bed with Bedford Forrest," Feb. 19 syndicated column).

Robinson’s mention of Forrest’s supposed "Grand Wizard" status in the Ku Klux Klan, as well as his assertion about Forrest’s role at Fort Pillow, did nothing but try to stir the racial hatred pot to keep his stereotypes alive. Robinson could have easily found facts disputing his perpetuation of racial lies and attesting to Forrest’s admiration by contemporaries on both sides of the war.


It was said about Forrest at his death, "The man you just saw dying will never die. He will live in the memory of men who love patriotism, and who admire genius and daring."

It is doubtful the same will ever be said of Robinson.

Nyle Wadford,
Wake Forest