Confederate flag a symbol of Heritage


Mr. Demastus – I sent this "gentleman" a letter protesting his pronouncement of the Confederate Battle Flag being a symbol of racism and hatred. I let him know that many of my family fought in the great war of Northern Invasion, several died in the struggle and that I was offended by his comments. Personally, I find it amazing that such ignorant attitudes could else in a supposed place of learning. His reply follows:

(He apparently sent the email without finishing the sentence. Perhaps he had other people to offend and was in a great hurry)

Your Obt Srvt,

Terry Ayers
Federalsburg, MD


Mr. Ayers:

The undoubted freedom to advocate unpopular and controversial views in schools and classrooms must be balanced against society’s countervailing interest in teaching students the boundaries of socially appropriate behavior. We had very strong reasons to foresee that the further display and waving of the Confederate flag at a racially diverse high school could lead to further disruptive conduct and substantially interfere with our school day, and was likely to