A Wonderful Opportunity to Step Back in Time Through the Personal Letters of a Confederate Soldier
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
Chuck Sir, and all here,
This Sunday past while we were at church, I received from Reverend Bob Phillips  (husband of our Pastor Carol Phillips) one of the most special gifts I have been given in quite some time.  That being, copies of some letters written to home by Bob’s Gr Grandfather James Aaron Phillips, Orderly Sgt. CO. K 9th  Mo. Regiment. CSA. A week prior I was honoured to actually view the original letters.
In this Sesquicentennial of the War of Northern Aggression, with all the flack we have received from the PC crowd, the continued perpetuation of the Lincoln Myth, and the never ending lies of history written by the victors in Blue ink, I felt personally, that this was a great opportunity to share Sgt Phillips’ letters  and step back in time and into the mind and heart of a venerable Confederate Veteran as he corresponded with his beloved wife Eliza during the war.
I am sharing them with you word for word with no spelling or punctuation changes.  As this material is copyrighted by Reverend Bob Phillips, please be aware that it is with his expressed permission to do so.  This post will be quite lengthy, yet I believe y’all will find it worth the time.
How often are we given the opportunity to step back in time on a personal level such as letters to home from Confederate soldier to his wife? Let me say the originals were on a most pale green stationary about 5×6 and the gentleman’s writing was most small but very beautiful.
Camp Magruder Arkansas Oct, 12, 1864
Mrs EJ Phillips
"Dear wife, I imbrase the present opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I am well. truly hoping these few lines will reach and finde you injoying the best of health.  I have nothing of importance to write to you.  I reached camp the same day I left home. I found the command without any trouble at the same camp I left them att.  We are still at the same camp. it’s about 3 miles east of washington. I think from all appearnaces we  will remain here for sumtime. I am in hopes we will stay here all the  winter or otherwise not get no further off. I think if we stay here this winter  I will get to come see you again in the cours of two or three months, though I cant tell anything certain about it. the army is so unsurtan we always have to guess what they are going to do at anytime"
"Elizear, we have very hard times in camps, everything is so scarce hear. We havent drew money yet not there is no apparance of drawing any soon. though I hope will  shortly get plenty .clothing is very scearce. our outfit has not drew any clothing of consiquence this fall. I think the Confederacey is about to run out of clothing and every thing else."
"Dear Elizear I want to see you the worst kinde.  the time seames very long to me since I have ben in camp away from you. for my love for you is so great and i am not sadisfied with out I am with you. I wish it was so that me and you could be together this morning  never part no more until seperated by death from each other."
"Dear Elizear it would be the greatest pleasure  nearly imaginable if I could be free from this army and retern back to you and we then could go to misouri whare we could live together throughout life whare I hope we both be mutch better sadisfied than what we are at prsant."
"Dear Elizear I hope the time is not far off until me and you can be together and have the pleasure of seeing each other  when ever we would wish to. for I want to see you very bad at this time  Oh dear if I could just get to see you and kiss them sweet lips of yours it would please me so. well I dont think i could keep from laughing. elizear, Capt. Hanna Di not say any thing about me not coming eny sooner you must write as soon as you can  give my love and compliments to all of my friend, preserving my best love for your self."
I am your obedient  husband
J A Phillips
This is the first of three letters. The remaining two were written in July and August of 64.  They are even more in depth, and speak of such things as small pox, Gen Lee, soldiers from Sgt Phillips  town and his unit etc. I don’t wish to take up more of Chuck’s valuable space here today , but would gladly share the other two in subsequent posts if an interest is shown. They truly are worth the read, and I certainly don’t mind making the effort to type them.
I wish to thank Rev Bob for his kind gift, and to tell y’all how sweet it is on Sunday morning to hear the message  from Rev’s Carol or Bob either one, in those sweet TX drawls they speak with. What a pleasure here in illannoy that is.
For the honour of the South Old and New alike, I stand humble in the shadows of my ancestors,
T Warren Heritage Officer camp 2172 Ga Div. SCV