Wednesday, January 24th 2007

In my ongoing support of Bryce Archambo and all of the students who wish to honor their Southern heritage, I am proud to announce…

A Celebration of Southern Heritage, Music and Culture

WHEN: Friday January 26th

WHERE: The Centene Center, Farmington, Missouri (Across from the High School)

Time: 6:00 pm

Don’t miss this celebration of our history and culture. This event is to help educate the public about our Southern History Culture and our Constitutional Rights, in support of Bryce Archambo, his family and students everywhere.


Clint E. Lacy, Confederate Activist, Writer, and Songwriter

Clint has been involved in the "Southern Movement" since January,2003. The year that Former Missouri Governor Bob Holden removed the Confederate flags from the Higginsville and Fort Davidson State Historic Sites. He is the former Vice Chairman of the Missouri League of the South ( ) former Chairman of the Missouri League of Southern Voters, a member of the Confederate States of America ( ), an Historian with the John T. Coffee Camp, Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans ( ) and publishes the Show Me South! website ( ) as well as The Missouri Bushwhacker Blog ( ) a published author, Clint is currently working on his first Southern Heritage music project.

Robert Herman, St. Louis Civil Rights Attorney. Mr. Herman has become a nationally renowned attorney for tackling and winning cases in the defense of Civil Rights and Free Speech.

Mr. Dewey Barber,

Creator of the Dixie Outfitters clothing company. Mr. Barber has been active in the Southern Movement for many years, and developed perhaps one of the most successful tools to defend our heritage, putting historically accurate images and messages on high quality t-shirts and clothing. If you live in the South or have even visited the South, most likely you have seen Mr. Barber’s shirts on the backs of proud Southerners, and even Northerners who believe that our heritage should be preserved. Mr. Barber is a true patriot who has contributed much financial support to defend our heritage, and volunteers much of his time to others.

and introducing… Mr. H.K. Edgerton

Black Confederate Flag activist and Southern Legal Resource Center Board of Advisors Member Mr. Edgerton has walked thousands of miles in support of our Confederate Heritage , Flags and Symbols, he has renowned speaker and supporter of student’s rights. Mr. Edgerton has argued that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects students who want to honor their heritage at public schools , stating that: "The Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids national origin discrimination and defines national origin as the place where your ancestors came from. . .You and I fit every criterion to be considered Confederate Southern Americans under federal law – and therefore entitled to the protection of the law as a people." Mr. Edgerton is also President of

MUSICAL GUEST: Nashville Independent Music Recording Artist T. Warren & "The Rebellion"

You’ll love Terry Warren’s own unique style of Southern Rock, Country and Americana Music. T. has long used his music to defend and educate the public about his Native American, and Confederate American heritage and culture.

He currently has 3 songs in the top twenty on the Nashville Independent Music charts and his current CD "High Times and Low Livin" produced "Confederate American", a song that made it the #1 most downloaded song on Nashville Independent Music’s website last year.

Terry Warren was also awarded "Mainstream Artist of the Year" by Dixie Broadcasting’s Southern Heritage Music Awards, in October of this year, and has received 4 Southern Heritage Music Awards over the past 3 years. T. Warren is currently nominated for a Native American Music Award as well.

-For Freedom and Missouri,

Clint,Missouri Bushwhacker

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