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<<<That is the question, you must answer it now. To quote a famous person, I know not what course others may take, but as for me, I am a citizen of the Confederate States of America. I refute now and for all time, all pretenses of citizenship to the occupying government of the Confederate States of America.

May God grant us liberation,

Charles Goodson
Chairman Southern Parties of the Southwest>>>

To Charles Goodson and all other "citizens". You are neither a citizen of a United States or of a Confederate States. Since a Federal government or a Confederate government under the Constitution has no citizens. You are a citizen of your state. Your state government is the government of the people. Your state government is the one of self government. It is too bad so many think of the federal government as that since it is not. Congressmen and senators are representatives of their states. They should have never been allowed to be paid by a federal government system but paid by the states they represent as originally set forth. The only people on a federal payroll should be that of the US Military and certain federal employees. Thinking of the US Citizen is a dangerous thing. Someday our descendants will think of themselves as being UN citizens, controlled and taxed by the UN. It was the states that created the federal government. It was the Constitution that had guidelines to keep the federal government as a weak central government to maintain a few rules between the states. It was never meant to be a big pocket book for everyone in the world to stick their grubby paws into and pull out what they want. I am a citizen of the State of Maryland. Unfortunately the Socialist dominated state as it is now.

When abroad Mark Twain was often asked where he was from. Missouri was always his answer. Not America, not the US but Missouri. And that is how people answered prior to 1861. One thing that changed that was annihilation of the Union. Another was with the influx of new immigrants from Europe who looked at us from a distance and when here had come to Amercia, the United States, not to New York, or Missouri or another state. To them, in their eyes America was just one big country. By the late 19th century the federal government had set up new requirements for citizenship. No longer could an immigrant just come here and find a place to call home and provide for himself and family. Immigrants had to be given a non US citizen status and then after a period of time file for US citizenship and take the oath for US citizenship. No longer was the state thought of as your country. It had shrunk to a lower status than that of the federal government. The feds had taken over it all. But things do evolve. Now we have a new immigrant problem, illegals and so on goes the evolution of the United World. It won’t be Under God as we know it tho.

Rick Palmer
Annapolis (oppressive socialist democrat controlled) Maryland

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