Davis should have place in history

February 24, 2009

Thank you for the OUR VIEWS piece on not needing another Civil War.

Good to hear support for Senate Bill 2325 (to restore the Confederate Monument at the Old Capitol Building and replace original statue of Jefferson Davis). With all of the problems our state and nation face, we do not need the infighting.

President Davis should be honored for his place in history, especially in the state where he spent his last days, wrote his memoirs and served as senator.

He was a good man who served his country in the military, Congress and as president. He likely gave up the U.S. presidency to serve.

As a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I can honestly say that we in the South have as much right to celebrate our heritage as anyone.

Our ancestors fought to defend their homeland from invaders. I believe they are much akin to the Revolutionary War patriots who fought against tyranny.

Far too many left home and hearth, family and future to serve in a bloody war, who did not own slaves, but instead held to loftier principles such as limited government, state’s rights and self determination.

Given the mess our country is in, who’s to say they weren’t right?

Bert King