A Near Decade Later
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
Chuck Sir,
I was catching up on my reading and came across the post  roughly titled a Nine year old reply that is even more relevant today.
What a flood of memories that post brought to me.
That was just after the controversy here over our little Confederate Memorial, and all the nastiness that entailed.
I can clearly remember being brand spankin new outta the box greenie SCV member and found myself within three weeks of joining the SCV in Command of my own camp. 
Yes it was the smallest camp in the IL Div. but it became as active as a camp can be.  Of course with activism comes, confrontation and pressure from all sides. Pressure from the enemy to discredit good works, pressure from friendlies to do even more good works. I do not believe anyone can say I didn’t give it my best shot.
While reading the post I mentioned earlier all that confrontation came back in mind.  With those memories also came the thought of how that issue changed  the life of my family and myself forever.  Though much from that time I could well do without, I wouldn’t trade it for all the grits in Dixie. (and I love grits)
In that post was mentioned the name of Roger McCredie, what a gentleman, what a patriot, what a soldier for the Cause he is.  Though we haven’t even communicated for a few years, Pam nor I will ever forget his kindness, nor the support he rendered as then Chief of Heritage Defense.
He kept the press hopping up here, truth ruled for months here.  Some folks didn’t want to hear it perhaps, but, it came out anyway; and it just didn’t come from Roger alone.
There was a flood of op-eds of support from folks all over the South and from other parts of the country as well.  How did that occur?  Simple it came from your SHNV newsletter. People read what was happening and they came to the assist via their keyboards and snail mail. all were not SCV or UDC or Confederate Rose members, though those organizations did fight the good fight along side us.  But, like I said there was much support from the non association folks, the John and Jane does if you will. It was a beautiful feeling to know we were not alone so far behind the lines.
There were some folks like Roger though who went above and beyond, Mr. Dewey Barber supplied us with boxes of Pro South materials, *We hadn’t even met at that time, now we have been camp brothers for years."  Mr. Don Shelton from the KY Division granted me many, many minutes of support on the phone in helping  with the truth blitz we put on.  You Chuck, were there day in and out, and we hadn’t met nor even talked on the phone at that time, now all these years later your family is family to me and mine.
There was such an out pouring of support, it would be impossible to name all those that assisted for it literally was in the  hundreds of people. Average everyday people who loved Dixie, and wanted to do what they could.
Why even then SCV CIC Ron Wilson assisted, I was amazed, almost as much as when later that year he awarded me the National Heritage Defense Medal as well the Distinguished Service Medal. Division Cmders from all three armies sent awards and citations including the General Robert E Lee Award.
These same awards adorn the walls of my personal War Room, though cluttered as it is, all I have to do is glance up and remember those times as vividly as if it were but yesterday, though it will soon be a decade since that all transpired.  This post would have never come to mind, had I not read that nine year old post which is today so appropriate.
Are we angry? Of course we are! Should we  be angry? Yes, Certainly we should be. There is a cultural war against everything Southern. Should we all try even harder? I believe so. We owe our ancestors, that is a debt that should not be erased.
I have felt like I have become a slacker this past year. It is  image of myself, that I do not like. So here and now I pledge to do what little I still can for the Cause. It is my hopes others will do the same.
It is my opinion we need the fire and drive that was so prevalent a decade ago here on SHNV.  I know there are way more members now than then.  Think of the good we could do, if we all pulled together.
Once again I thank you for the opportunity of posting here and for your friendship all these years, and for all the friendships that have been formed from this SHNV newsletter.   That in itself one of the greatest Blessins’ I have ever been granted.
May God Bless the South old and new alike today, tomorrow, and  forever to come.
With warmest of regards from behind the lines in the land of the great ape,
T Warren Heritage Officer Camp 2172 Ga Div. SCV